August is a bit like the Sunday of summer–something in the air begins to shift and everyone knows fall is just around the corner. The bittersweet nostalgia of summer draws to a close and everyone starts scrambling to prepare for a new school year filled with endless possibilities. Even now that I’m an adult, every year when August rolls around I get the overwhelming urge to buy school supplies. I mean come on, is there anything more satisfying than cracking open a fresh, empty notebook and christening it with a crisp new pen? 

Below we’ve rounded up eight items that you need on your back to school shopping list this year. And don’t forget to sound off in the comments about what YOU’RE looking forward to most this school year!

  • Backpack

Possibly the most important purchase of all to set the tone for a new school year is a backpack. I remember I used to beg my mom to buy me a new one each year, and I would spend hours trying to find the coolest one online. To this day, my favorite was my Lisa Frank backpack with Rainbow Majesty which I treasured all throughout second grade until it sadly broke. While my style has matured a bit since then I still have a thing for fun backpacks and this metallic Danzbags beauty is sure to get all the compliments. It’s also incredibly versatile since it can be used as a school bag or a dance bag. I especially like that it has outer side pockets for my water bottle and cell phone.

  • Socks

In my high school we had to wear a uniform consisting of a red or black polo shirt and khakis. It was truly the bane of my existence. The only redeeming part was that we were allowed to wear any color socks we wanted. It became one of my favorite ways to show off my personality outside of my dreadfully boring uniform. I personally love these day of the week socks or these junk food themed socks. The cool thing about them is that they’re specifically designed to be dance socks so you can wear them to school and to the studio. 

  • Bobby Pins

Bobby pins are probably the last thing you’re thinking about buying as you’re preparing for the school year, but just recall how many times you were in a pinch and wished you had a few extra bobby pins in your locker to keep your hair back. You never know when having them might come in handy! These bobby pins in particular are my favorite because they come in a variety of colors to match your hair color. 

  • Setting Spray

I religiously swear by Ben Nye’s Final Seal Matte Sealer. It has been my holy grail product for as long as I can remember. Whether you’ve got stage makeup on or you’re just trying to make it through the school day without having to reapply concealer, this product is just what you’re looking for. This stuff is totally sweat proof and will keep you looking fresh all day long. I personally spray it on right after I finish applying my makeup in the morning, but it also works as a great mid-day pick me up because of its refreshing mint scent. 

  • Iron On Patch

Another item I couldn’t live without when I was in school was my denim jacket. It was one of my most prized possessions growing up. It always made me feel like I was way cooler than I ever actually was as a kid. While this beautiful embroidered flower iron-on applique may be intended for dance costumes, it would be the perfect thing to jazz up the back of your denim jacket for the first day of school. It’s a quick and easy way to add a little extra personality to your look.

  • Bra & Leggings Set

When I first saw this matching sports bra and leggings set on Discount Dance I immediately added them to the top of my wishlist. This set is so figure flattering with the ruched front and mesh back–plus the stirrups on the leggings will make your legs look miles long. I’m a huge fan of any dance clothes that can be worn at the gym or in class and this set really fits the bill!

  • Crop Top

I’m a sucker for a cute crop top and this long sleeve mesh number is right on trend. You can dress it up or down and It’s the perfect light layer to wear over an outfit to stay warm when they’re blasting the AC at school. The white color means it will go with everything in your closet, and I always appreciate when tops have thumb holes to keep the sleeves from riding up. 

  • Bag Organizer

Last, but certainly not least is this amazing bag organizer from Bloch. While it may be one of the most functional items on the list, don’t underestimate the handiness of keeping your things neatly organized and easily visible. The attached hook also allows you to hang it up in your locker for easy access. In fact, I may just invest in three of these for myself–one for my day to day tote bag, one for my dance bag, and one for traveling.