NYC and the rest of the country is in full swing for audition season!!! For the most part that means attending auditions every week and sometimes multiples times a day! It can start to feel intense and overwhelming very quickly! So how can you prepare accordingly in order to shake some of that anxiety going in?! Here are some tips to keep in mind for this new audition season!

Prepare, Prepare, Prepare, Prepare!

Here are some tips straight from the Audition Method course to help guide you to be your best when its time to show your best self in that Audition room!

Before you go: (preparing your backpack)

• Make sure your headshots are up to date and good quality with your resume neatly stapled behind and trimmed to fit the picture. Most studios have scissors and staplers, so I tend to take a bunch with me and take the time from waiting around (because you WILL wait) to putting them together so I have them ready to go for my weeks/month’s worth of auditions. But don’t 100% rely on that. Make sure you have at least one ready to go!

• Pack snacks/lunch and water! Snacks are your best friends!! Bananas, nuts, apples, cheese, PB&J’s, whatever floats your boat, but have some on hand!!!

Physical: (what you need for yourself physically)

• Research the company/show/choreographer/director from the breakdown so you would know the style that will be expected of you. If it’s a tap show, and you haven’t tapped in a while…you should take some classes prior to get ready for it. If it’s a new show and it doesn’t specify the style, look up the choreographer to see what She/He tends to choreograph. YouTube is your friend!

• Get plenty of sleep the night before. Most calls are long. You’ll find yourself spending the majority of your time sitting and waiting, but strangely enough, that takes a toll on you. Rest is essential for giving a good audition!

• Have a good meal the night before and make sure you are hydrated!!

Emotional: (how to keep sane)

• There are sooooo many meditation apps out there. It’s hard to center yourself in the holding room. The energy is buzzing with hundreds of people looking for a job just like you and its easy to absorb that energy and take it into the room which does NOT serve you! If you find that energy is sucking you in, try and find a quiet corner somewhere and even for 5 minutes center yourself to help with your nerves.

• Ignore conversations that don’t serve you. I can’t count how many times you overhear people’s conversations about their “amazing careers” which didn’t make me feel great about my then not so great career. If that’s the case, just remind yourself that you are your own journey and everyone is different! Your past experience does not define your talent or your future success! Easier said than done, but its the #truth!

In the room: (in the room where it happens)

• Be in the moment and pay attention! It’s so easy to get in your head and worry about what you look like, your hair, the person next to you that you can’t stand, whatever. All things that take you out of the moment and distracts you from doing the job at hand. Learning the choreo and spitting it back out not only with little to no mistakes but “performing” it and giving it your personality! Not easy. And if you are distracted by all these little things that you can’t change, you will not do your best! So stay focused, in the room, in the moment!

• Very important – Respect those around you! You are being watched as soon as you walk through that door! If you are rude, rolling your eyes, not minding your space, it WILL ALL be noticed. It won’t matter that you are the best one in the room if you are not a genuine and nice person, the directors and choreographers will take note won’t want to work with that attitude!

Last but not least, just remember to have fun!!! Know that everyone in that room wants to see you do your best!!! Take advantage of this opportunity to do what you love to do…..DANCE and perform!!! Enjoy it, don’t fear it! Check out or website to see upcoming classes in NYC and for more information! Follow us on Instagram @TheAuditionMethod Break legs this audition season!!!

Bonus tip: • My favorite accessory is my banana holder!!! Yes, you read that right! You know how many smashed bananas I’ve had through the years. A lose-lose situation. 1) you get banana all over your stuff 2) no more banana to eat when you most need it! With the banana holder, you avoid all that! The best $3 investment yet! (this is not sponsored by the banana holder people :o) ) (see attached picture)