Hi Dancers! As you may have noticed, some Grishko pointe shoes have become increasingly difficult to receive here in the US. If you are looking for some alternatives that have similar characteristics, then I have some great options for you.

                Russian Pointe is probably the brand most similar to Grishko. Both make handmade, Russian shoes that are known for relatively hard shanks.

                If you are currently wearing a Grishko 2007, Pro Quiet 2007, Pro Flex 2007, or Nova (which is made on the same last as the 2007), then I encourage you to try a Russian Pointe Sapfir, Entrada Pro, or Rubin. These Grishkos all have a long vamp and a tapered box shape. The RP Sapfir, Entrada, and Rubin all have a nice taper to the box. The vamp on these RP shoes is considered average, but if you like a longer vamp, you can always sew in vamp elastic to extend the length on these. The difference between the Grishko and RP vamp lengths isn’t huge, but I did want to point that out for you to consider. The 2007 and the Nova have relatively low profiles, as do the Rubin and Sapfir. The Entrada Pro has a higher profile, but if you don’t like that, you can always fold down the satin and tack it to create a sleeker look.

                If you are looking for a substitute to the Grishko Triumph, I suggest that you try a Russian Pointe Lumina. These shoes share a wide but tapered box and an average vamp length. They also both have a medium profile.

                For the Grishko Maya, Fouette, or Ulanova (which are all made on the same last), try a RP Almaz, Brava, or Encore. These shoes share a wide, tapered box shape, moderate to wide platform sizes, and average vamps. The Maya, Fouette, and Ulanova have a medium profile, which the Brava and Encore do as well. The profile on the Almaz is low. We are also currently offering a discount on the Almaz and Encore on DiscountDance.com, so if you’ve never tried these shoes, now is the perfect time!

                Finally, for the Grishko Elite, the Russian Pointe Muse is a great replacement. These shoes are both quite square and wide with an average vamp and wide platform.

                No two brands are exactly alike, but this should give you a frame of reference if you’re currently looking for some alternative shoes. We are also currently offering free shipping and free returns on all Russian Pointe pointe shoes on DiscountDance.com so you can try any of these products risk free!

 I go more in to depth on shanks and sizing differences on a video I just did for our YouTube channel, so check that out!

                As always, let me know if you have any questions. Happy Dancing!