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WP_May19_MAINThe end of the school year is fast approaching and travel season is right around the corner!

We’re getting a jump on the season with a fantastic bag sale…and a little daydreaming.

What is your dream vacation destination?

Tell us in the comments to be entered in a drawing to win a FREE bag!

Editor’s Note: This poll is closed. Congratulations to subscriber LoveAthenaa for winning this week’s prize! 




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  1. ecfdancer says

    My dream vacation destination would defiantly be somewhere I can relax but keep dancing at the same time because what is a vacation without dance?! I would go to California so I can get a tan while learning from the top dance studios!!

  2. DancerBri1326 says

    My dream vacation would be to NYC. I’ve always wanted to see the Rockettes and see a Broadway show!

  3. lizzylyn510 says

    My dream vacation destination would be a trip to Britain and Ireland. I’ve always wanted to visit both countries because they are so beautiful and full of so much history.

  4. LoveAthenaa says

    My dream vacation would be in Taiwan. That is where all my family is, and the tropical weather is amazing! The beach at Hoping Island is where my mom is from, it is just off the coast of Keelung; one word– beautiful!

  5. daliacln125 says

    My dream vacation would be to London! Not only because of the destinations and beauty, but to visit the Royal Ballet. I would love to see one of the largest ballet company and get even more inspired to dance.

  6. sbdancerxo says

    Dear Dance Life,
    My dream vacation would be a 5 hour dance rehearsal for a duet with my best friend. Then I would go Disneyland (since I have never gone there before) and ride a ton of roller coasters.Finally I’d finish my day on DiscountDanceSupply.com to buy dance clothes. Lastly I would pack all my things in my new,pink,and fabulous Everest Dance Bag and Coin Purse.

    p.s please choose me 🙂

  7. musicalsummers says

    My dream vacation would be to go to someplace warm and sunny. Maybe I could go to Florida. I would love to go see Miami City Ballet!

  8. vrwolf16 says

    My dream vacation would definitely be somewhere beautiful and warm, but not too hot. I would choose Seattle because I have been to Pacific Northwest Ballet’s summer courses before. Even though Seattle is usually rainy, the summers are absolutely beautiful there! When I’ve been out there during the summer it’s never rained once! Also, Seattle has so many fun tourist activities to participate in. Two of my favorites have been going on the Duck Ride and looking down on the beautiful city from the top of the Space Needle.

  9. balletlover18 says

    My dream vacation would definitely be at a ballet summer intensive, probably either San Francisco Ballet, or School of American Ballet. This is my first year going to a summer intensive (Bolshoi NYC) and I’m SOOO EXCITED!!! I have been counting down the days since the day I got accepted :). Hopefully, next year I will be able to get in to SFB, and do the things I love: dance and traveling!!

  10. nat4dogs says

    I would go some where that i could take amazing ballet classes

  11. mrstinaroth6 says

    my dream vacation would be Paris in the spring or fall. My little girl will be traveling to NYC for her first summer intensive experience and i am so excited to travel with her!

  12. camrynmckenna says

    My dream vacation would have to be London. I’ve been there before but it’s such a fun place. I really want to watch the Royal Ballet. London also has many fun attractions and I think it would be a blast to travel there again.

  13. mgcheer12222000 says

    joffrey ballet

  14. vickie414 says

    My dream vacation would be to NYC! It’s very cliché, but I have never been there. It is filled with dance opportunities, not to mention it’s a big tourist attraction. I would take classes, go see a broadway show, go see the rockettes, shop, and much more! It would be so much fun!!!!! It might even happen because I might be going with dance in November/December!

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