When it comes to meal prep, I often talk about balance. I stress the importance of combining each macronutrient including carbohydrates, protein, and fat. These hold several responsibilities in the body and when incorporated together into a balanced meal, they come together to enhance energy, promote satisfaction, and keep us full for longer.

But let’s discuss another team player that is often left sitting on the bench: taste. Amongst the chatter in the health and wellness world, we often prioritize nutrition before taste. Though it doesn’t provide the “energy,” “muscle-building,” or “immune-boosting” physical benefits of the other macros, taste is responsible for creating a personal connection between you and food. If we make food an enjoyable experience without guilt or punishment, then we’re more inclined to eat any and all foods mindfully. This non-restrictive approach does wonders for your mental and emotional health.

The Fourth Macronutrient to A Balanced Meal 2

Ever find yourself staring at the bottom of the salad bowl wondering where it went? Perhaps you wanted pizza, but instead you chose the salad for the sake of health. When it comes to your meals and snacks, I encourage you to consider this fourth macronutrient and honor your true cravings and desires.

Experience the tastes and textures of the meal. If you do this without judgment or criticism, you’re better equipped to listen to your body. You may feel full sooner and as a result, you’re likely to go home with leftovers. Last, be confident that you can enjoy the food again at another time. Therefore, you won’t have to “get it all in before it’s gone.”