3 Beauty Tips


When I am not performing I like to give my skin a breather, so I prefer to wear light makeup. 3BeautyTips

Here are three easy beauty tips that help me look and feel my best without having to wear stage makeup!

Under Eye Concealer:

I use a little bit of concealer to highlight my eyes. I use a shade lighter than my natural skin color so that it makes my eyes pop and brightens my complexion.


I take an eyelash curler and slightly curl my eyelashes before applying mascara. Mascara should only enhance your natural eyelashes and make eyelashes look natural.

Lip Liner:

Take a lip liner that is a natural shade and draw in your lips starting from the outside in. I like using lip liner because it lasts longer than a lip gloss and it looks more natural than lipstick.

With these three simple makeup tricks you can do your makeup in less than five minutes and feel naturally beautiful!


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