My most recent guilty pleasure is listening to podcasts while I’m getting ready in the morning, commuting, or working out at the gym. Not only do they help the time fly by and take my mind off the monotony of my morning routine or exercising, they’re also a productive use of my time since they stimulate my mind. I have a fairly extensive list of my go-to podcasts – far too many to list here – so instead I’ve gathered my top six dance-related favorites below for your convenience. That being said, if you have any additional favorites you’d like to share with our readers and I please let us know in the comments! 


Unsequenced is brought to you by the multimedia website DIY Dancer and although there are only a few episodes released so far the content has been incredibly juicy and fascinating to listen to already. Each episode focuses on a choreographer’s unique rehearsal process, offering insider insight into the emotions, concepts, and anecdotes that shape a particular piece. From Tara Lee of Atlanta based Terminus Modern Ballet Theatre to Katherine Helen Fisher co-founder of Safety Third Productions, you’ll listen to perspectives of up-and-coming choreographers from all over the US. 

Try This Episode: Season 1, #3 – Bobbi Jean Smith

The Dance Union

J. Bouey, current dancer with the Bill T. Jones/Arnie Zane Dance Company co-hosts The Dance Union with Melanie Greene, offering insightful discussions of vital topics such as self care, diversity, body positivity, and more – filling what is in my opinion an important void in the dance community. Their casual, informal tone makes it feel like you’re sitting on the living room couch chatting with friends. New episodes come out every Tuesday, and there are roughly 50 episodes already released so you’ll have plenty of material to keep you busy for quite awhile.

Try This Episode: Ain’t Y’All Mad?

Movers & Shapers

Movers & Shapers is a podcast hosted by Erin Carlisle Norton, Artistic Director of the New Jersey & NYC based company The Moving Architects. The show delivers quality content in the form of personal stories, experiences, and ideas from the individuals who are currently shaping the dance field as we know it. For anyone who is interested in being a part of the dance field in a professional capacity, this podcast provides tons of insight and new episodes are released every other week. The podcast almost exclusively focuses on dance professionals in the greater New York metro area so it’s perfect for anyone who’s looking to take the leap and move to New York. 

Try This Episode: Zvi Gotheiner

The Dance Podcast

Similar to Movers & Shapers, The Dance Podcast exclusively focuses on interviews with any and all types of dance professionals. What I love about it is that the content beautifully bridges the gap between commercial and concert dance which can often be very isolated from each other. It’s also refreshing to hear interviews from dancers based all over the United States, which can offer helpful insight to any dancers out there who may be thinking of relocating to another city. 

Try This Episode: #136 Marissa Labog. Dancer. Stunt Woman. Actor.

Dance & Stuff

While this podcast is arguably a bit more focused on the “stuff” part of its title it’s truly too good not to include here. Hosted by Reid Bartelme and Jack Fervor (who have been friends since their highschool days at Interlochen School of the Arts), Dance & Stuff offers thought provoking social commentary with a side of sass. Reid is a NYC-based costume and fashion designer specializing in dance, while Jack is a performance artist, writer, choreographer, and director. They’re the two dance queens you didn’t even know you needed in your life, but won’t be able to quit once you start listening.

Try This Episode: #106 With Pride

City Ballet The Podcast

I’m admittedly a little biased for adding this one to the list since I used to work at New York City Ballet before starting graduate school, but I do genuinely love this podcast and appreciate the transparency that it brings to one of the most important ballet companies in the world. For any ballet bunheads out there, you’ll find this behind-the-scenes look into City Ballet both fascinating and informative. The podcast is alternatively hosted by Co-Artistic Director Wendy Whelan (who needs no introduction!), Corps de Ballet Member Silas Farley, and Music Director Andrew Litton. Try This Episode: #4.2 New Combinations – Lauren Lovette