6 Things to Remember as a Freshman Dance Major


EDU_freshman_MAINIf you are a student you have most likely been back in class for over a month by now, and if you’re a freshman, it has probably been one of the most interesting months of your life so far! You’re learning how to get around campus, where the cool spots to hang out are, making new friends, and so much more! Your experience as a dance major, however, is very different from everyone else’s. It might seem overwhelming, but here are some things to keep in mind over your next four years as a dance major:

  • If you were the best dancer at your studio in high school, don’t expect the same for your college classes. You were probably all “the best.” Stay open to new styles, new teachers, and a lot of corrections.
  • Get involved! Go to every audition, both at school and in the community. Also don’t be hesitant to start creating your own work and showing it at student showcases. The sooner you get used to constructive criticism, the better.
  • Keep dancing over your breaks. If possible, keep on taking class regularly – your body will thank you once you are back in a full dance schedule next semester!
  • Get to know your advisers, and use them! Don’t be shy to ask a lot of questions about your schedule, campus life, and registration each new term. They are there to help you, but they are also very busy so it’s okay to reach out to them first.
  • Ask about scholarships, and apply for them! There are so many scholarship opportunities out there, and sometimes it’s just a matter of taking the time to fill out the application. Every little bit helps!
  • Enjoy taking technique classes every day. You will obviously have some mornings when you don’t want to get out of bed and put on your tights, but you will miss it once you are out on your own. Life “gets real” when you have to start paying for each of your classes individually!

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