Dance Audition Don’ts!



By Rebecca Martin of Dance Informa

You’ve landed your dream audition for a company, school or production and you’re all prepared for the big day. Or are you?

Hopefully you know what you should do, such as arrive on time, wear appropriate attire, pay attention, be respectful of others, etc. – but do you know what irritates potential employers or teachers?

There are a number of cardinal sins that dancers make when attending auditions and Dance Informa has compiled a list of things you absolutely shouldn’t do. Ignore our advice at your own risk…

DON’T be unprepared

This means many things. Have the right shoes and have spare shoes just in case. Pack a needle and thread, band aids, resin, hair pins, knee pads, Advil, anti-inflammatories, a change of clothes, music, sheet music, a copy of your CV, head shot, completed application form, water and snacks.

You don’t know what might be needed of you on the day of, so you must be ready for anything. If you are going to a theater or studio you’ve never been to before, the floor could be sticky or slippery so bring different shoes and wear what works best.

Prepare yourself mentally and physically as well. Get plenty of rest the night before the audition, eat an energy filled breakfast, and warm-up your body before the audition.

Do your research on the school or company so that you are able to answer questions when asked. By saying you don’t know the answer to something, you’re really saying that you don’t care enough to learn.

DON’T be late

No one wants to hear about the traffic on the freeway, your train delay or whether your bus broke down. Leave home early and account for any possible mishaps on the way in to the audition. If you want the job or the place, then you need to prove it. Things may go wrong but you need to show that you can still be relied upon. If you’re late to an audition, it’s safe to say you will be late to rehearsal, class, photo shoots and possibly even performances. Being late is disrespectful to the other auditionees, not to mention the people holding the audition.

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