Dance Studio Owners: New Year, New Mindset! 

Getting everyone in your studio to have the right mindset is a challenge. The biggest key to having a positive, happy and creative environment is… 


Here is the message: If you don’t like the way your parents act, students behave or staff and faculty work, then it is up to you to change the environment. If you just accept it, it will never change. If you just go along with it, then you can’t complain about.

If you do what you have always done, then you will get the same results you have always had. 

Change may mean getting rid of some of the bad apples. This applies to staff, faculty and students (and their parents). Once the troublemakers are gone it will be like a breath of fresh air coming into your school. If you spent all your time with that one client who was giving you a problem, chances are that, when you have them leave, you will free up more time for your best clients and for time to think more creatively about your business.

This is the time of year when most schools are just starting up again. So, if you have someone that just isn’t going to be happy or was a problem last year and is starting off to be a problem this year, I highly recommend that you say goodbye sooner, rather than later. It will save you a lot of time, money and aggravation.

Do you have a cynical view about an issue at your school? It doesn’t have to be that way. Cynical thoughts do not produce positive thoughts or outcomes! This is tricky nowadays because so many people have a negative outlook on work, life and the overall state of affairs—it’s hard not to be cynical about the world outside. But within your studio—that’s a different story! You must keep yourself in check with a positive outlook and you need to have positive, thought-provoking messages nearby that you can look at to reinforce your thoughts. I highly recommend that you stay conscious of this so you can toss out any thoughts that are not serving you well. If you have a problem with a parent and you spend an inordinate amount of time thinking about it, it will start to affect the way you treat other parents, staff and even family members.

Here are a few messages that we use. You can use these or create your own. Type them out and laminate them on a bright sheet of paper. Keep one in your office, home and any other place you are working. Look at them every day and really buy into what they say. You must project good vibes if you want everyone around you to do the same. I happen to be a positive person, but even positive people need to be aware of the negative thoughts that can and will creep into your mind if you are not constantly updating your thought process.

* My business is a masterpiece. I have created it and I am the main reason that it exists!

* I have all the resources I need right now to run a successful and profitable dance studio.

* I constantly attract all the right people to help my business grow and prosper.

* I am a people person. My students and parents think the world of me. I make a BIG difference in people’s lives.

* There is no issue that is bigger than MY ABILITIES. [Repeat this one many times on challenging days!]

* I expect the best from people and I always give them my best.

* I am creative, adventurous and a master teacher.

Believe it is true and you are half way there. Remember:  “Your thoughts become things!” After all, our studios happen to be a very large part of our lives. We live it every day and we must make our school a place that serves us well both monetarily and spiritually!