The key to moving forward is in your hands!

Summer is a great time of year to evaluate yourself as a teacher. What did you like about the past season and what would you like to see change? Where you are today and where you will be a year from now is all about your thought process and how you act upon those thoughts.

Let’s take a moment to go back. Recall how you felt when you first started to teach-do you remember? If it has been awhile, think back. Think of your dreams, aspirations, goals and more! Now fast-forward to where you are today.

How has it worked out for you? If you are not where you want to be, you can change it-if you want to. You can improve it-if you want to. Believe me, I had plenty of setbacks. I could easily have retreated after the first setback, but I did not. If you persevere, you will keep finding new people who will help you along the way. Has that happened to you? If not, keep looking! Tell everyone you meet about your passion for teaching. The right people will be drawn to you. The right employers, fellow teachers and business opportunities will come your way-when you have your mind in the right place. Think not? Then don’t be surprised when you get more of what you are already receiving!

Here are some BIG questions to ask yourself:

Do you believe in yourself as a dance teacher?

Are you the best you can be?

Are you frustrated and feel like you are stuck?

Are you happy with how you teach and what you are giving your students?

OK, if not, everything is perfect, and that is all right. However, most of us have areas that we need to evaluate and analyze so that we can decide how to make the changes to improve our lives.

Dance Teacher Summer Self Evaluation

First, you need to have the right mindset. When you focus on all of the good things that you are creating, you will see the good and how to attract more of it into your life. Instead of focusing on the bad, focus on the excitement you felt when you first started teaching. The newness you savored, the uncertainty, the thrill of it all, and how your dreams and goals were right in front of you for the taking. If you have been teaching for a while, you will want to block out the negativity that can so easily cloud your thoughts-if you haven’t made that conscious effort already to guard against these thoughts. You must work at this. Try it for a month, then for two, then for six and then make it a lifetime habit.

Keep in mind that the thoughts you focus on will determine who you are! If you think about how this employer or student did you wrong, you may well become bitter. If you think about how horribly the studio owner treats you, you may grow disillusioned. On the other hand, if you think about how wonderfully lucky you are to be a teacher you will see all that is good. This keeps you in a good place mentally. Look, not everything will be perfect all the time. What is in life? After personally being a dance teacher for over thirty years, I can tell you this: I remember the good-and not so good-times with gratitude for the lessons learned! Stay true to yourself, and you will attract what you seek.

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