Don’t Miss the US Premier of Napoli!


DLMimi_Napoli_MAINThings have been a whirlwind here in Phoenix as we prepare for the U.S. premier of Napoli!

Our director, Ib Andersen, danced in the Royal Danish Ballet prior to joining New York City Ballet, so the Bourneville style is ingrained in him. It is a great treasure to have him coach us on every detail of this exuberant ballet. He explains every aspect of this ballet with such detail, to make sure that we present this ballet to the level Bourneville would have expected. Napoli is incredibly high energy, technical, yet also very theatrical. The acting is what really makes this ballet special.

I will be dancing in various roles throughout the ballet, including the famous tarantella at the end. One of my favorite roles I will be dancing is the pas de six, which includes a solo that is different than anything I have danced before. The variation is technically difficult, but it is more about the essence of expression. Ib explained that it should be danced as though I am reminiscing about home or something very personal and close to my heart. It’s nice to focus on something different and learn a new way to dance classical ballet.

There is not one part of this ballet that I would label as “easy” because even the more quiet parts posses its own challenges. Not only has dancing Napoli been a great learning experience, I also feel that I have improved so much by dancing with such life and strength. The U.S. premier of Napoli is something you don’t want to miss!

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