By Molly Peterson of Dance Dynamix

TDC Judges and Competitors
Preview of the TDC Stage


What is the Teen Dance Challenge?

Teen Dance Challenge is a web series featuring five of the top teen dancers in the nation! Shot in front of a live studio audience, each teen will compete by performing a solo that will be judged by a panel of top industry professionals for a chance to win a grand prize! The winner will be chosen based upon the scores from the judges (60%) and support from fans on Instagram (40%). The panel of wise and successful Teen Dance Challenge judges consists of Erin Babbs, Tiffany Rojas, Richard Elszy, Marcus Choi, and Chris Dupree. The talented cast of competitors will include Talia Seitel, Sean Lew, Sophia Lucia, Lucy Vallely, and Chloe East. It will be posted to YouTube starting this fall. Subscribe to the Teen Dance Challenge YouTube channel and check out the website: for more information, and to stay up to date on all Teen Dance Challenge news.

Molly Peterson and the Cast of TDC Competitors


My Interview With Dancer Christina Ricucci

Molly Peterson and Christina Ricucci


Christina Ricucci. Everyone knows her name, whether it’s from her jaw dropping solos, her selfless work spreading kindness through Artists Giving Hope, or as a beautiful Discount Dance model. After facing nearly a year off of performing after facing a serious illness and physical obstacle, Christina made her stage debut dancing in the closing number of Teen Dance Challenge. I interviewed Christina on the red carpet of Teen Dance Challenge, to get some insight on what it was like returning to the stage after overcoming such a difficult past year.

We’ve seen a little break from you, how do you feel coming back after taking some time, performing again?

Coming back is definitely a little scary, but also very exciting. It has been about a year since I’ve performed, so it just felt really good to get back on stage.

What advice can you give to others who are going through any type of physical setback and want to get back to dancing or living an active lifestyle?

Well, I definitely think you need to listen to your body, you know if something is too hard or too much you need to ease back a little. I have learned that myself. Just go at your own pace whatever your setback may be, and take it easy. I’m not saying be lazy in a way, still work hard, but know your limits.

Obviously all of your fans on Instagram and social media must be so excited to see you back performing. What are your plans for this following year now that you’re back?

I’m going to be competing with Murrieta Dance Project which I’m excited about! Just training a lot, you know, getting back all the training that I’ve missed this last year. Also, college auditions are coming up, so getting ready for all of that stuff.

Do you have anything you say or anything that you keep running through your mind when you get discouraged or when things get really tough for you?

You know, I don’t really have a phrase that I think of, just a lot of encouraging words from my parents, my family, my friends and my loved ones. They are always encouraging me to get back up, and that life is going to be hard sometimes, but I’m not completely to the point where I’m not able to do anything. I just tell myself to keep looking at the positive side of things, and that is really what I try and focus on.

Christina Ricucci with Singer/Song Writer Terron Brooks