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Training is essential for dancers, but every once in awhile you just need to shake things up! There are many activities to do outside of the studio which are also inexpensive, fun and great to do with friends.

Here are my top picks for fun activities to keep you moving even when you’re not dancing:

Go hiking.

Find local hiking trails and spend the morning hiking up in the hills. One of my favorites is hiking up to the Hollywood sign in Southern California. I pack a lot of water, take my phone in case of an emergency and also for photos!

Take a walk on the beach.

Another great activity is enjoying a brisk walk or jog along the beach. Just make sure and watch out for those sharp shells in the sand. The last thing a dancer needs is a foot injury! I wear my bikini under my Discount Dance leggings and bra top, pack water, take a towel and apply my sunscreen. After my workout I like to take in some sun!

Ride a bike.

Bike rides in the park are always a blast, and extra fun with a group of friends. You just go at your own pace and before you know it you have cycled about five miles! Bring your yoga mat with you and find a shady spot to stretch after your ride.

Make a splash!

Believe it or not summer is right about the corner, and swimming is the perfect activity for a hot summer day. Swimming offers great resistance and is easy on your joints. Don’t forget to apply sun screen and jump right in!

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