Greetings From Japan!


DLMimi_tokyo_MAINMy summer vacation has taken me to Tokyo!

I have been blessed with many opportunities as a young dancer and this summer has brought me a chance to see what its like to be a professional dancer in Tokyo.  A few companies here in Tokyo have invited me to take classes and sit in on rehearsals to get a feel for how things work. Although I don’t speak Japanese, I am still learning from the teachers and other dancers. Luckily, the ballet language is universal! One thing I am most excited for is to see a dress rehearsal with the New National Theatre ,Tokyo. This will be my second time seeing the company perform, the first time being when I danced along side them in the Asteras Gala here in Tokyo in 2012.

I have been spending my days taking company classes and exploring the city with my mom. The weather is very hot and humid here at the moment, which makes for Bikram ballet classes! Not to mention, we luckily avoided the Typhoon that hit last week! Other than ballet, my mom and I have gone to the Aquarium, shopped, visited a few temples and shrines, and seen a few museums. The culture here is completely different than in the US, so it is definitely a great experience.

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