How I Personalize My Dressing Room at the Palace Theater!


DLShannon_DressingRoom_MAINOne way to make a theater feel like home is to personalize your dressing
room. The Broadway show that I am currently in, An American in Paris, is
at The Palace Theater. The Palace Theater is an exquisitely charming, but
also old, theatre. So to make things comfortable, the ladies of the
ensemble bought a rug, organizers and a refrigerator for our dressing
room. Each of us has her own decorative style. I made my area of the
dressing room look like a CHANEL makeup counter. It makes me feel
glamorous and fabulous when I’m getting ready for the show. I keep a small
ice machine under my dressing table and have a big bucket to soak my feet
in after each performance. I like to bring fresh flowers to the theater to
add some life into the room. Some of my essentials are warm ups, a water
bottle, slippers, a robe and some massage tools like tennis balls and a
foot roller. Keeping my dressing table clean and organized makes getting
ready for the show easy and quick. These simple decorations makes the
theater feel like my home away from home.


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