It’s true. Summer time is coming to a close. Whether you are wrapping up a summer intensive program, enjoying the final days of summer dance class at your studio, or soaking in as much sunny beach time as possible, fall dance class is right around the corner!

Now is a great time to stock up on all the dance gear you will need to make it through the year. Our list of fall favorites includes dress-code-friendly class essentials along with jazzy separates and fun accessories!

Basic Black Leotard


The black leotard is probably the most common dress-code requirement for dance class – especially ballet. If your teacher allows, try mixing it up with fun straps and backs! Here are our favorites:

Ballet Skirt


Ballet skirts are the perfect opportunity to add a pop of color to your basic black leotard with pink tights ensemble. Here are our favorites:

  • Watercolors Wrap Skirt. If you’re not familiar with the Watercolors line, now is the time. This skirt comes in a wide variety of beautiful color-combinations that look like they were hand painted by a professional watercolor artist!
  • Natalie Printed Wrap Skirt. The bright psychedelic swirls and patterns on this print will liven up any pas de deux!
  • Natalie Short Lace Skirt. The design of the skirt is simple, but the lace makes it stand out! We love the convenience of a pull-on skirt as well.

Dance Pants


Switching out your skirt and tights for a pair of cool dance pants is the easiest way to transition from ballet class to hip-hop, contemporary, tap, jazz… you name it! Here are our favorites:

  • Natalie Adult Harem Pants. Especially for a hip-hop or jazz-funk class these are perfect! They come in a nice variety of colors so you can collect them all – and they are so comfy you will want to wear them all day every day.
  • Mix Its Tie Dye Leggings. These are the perfect match for a contemporary, modern or lyrical class! The tie dye pattern is so much fun, and all the colors pair well with your simple black leotard.
  • Natalie Adult Hight Waist Dance Short. Okay they’re not technically pants, but they are a “bottom option.” We love the high waist trend because you don’t have to always have the waist pulled up! Keep it up when you want more coverage, and then roll it down for a cool and different look.

Accessories & Warm-ups


There’s always room for a cool new dance bag or some funky leggings in your collection! Here are our favorites:

These are just a handful of the hundreds of other dance apparel options we have waiting for you on our web site! Click here to see our full selection of back to dance class favorites.