Last weekend Discount Dance headed on down to Dallas Texas for the PULSE on Tour! It was an amazing convention full of talented dancers overflowing with energy and enthusiasm – plus an A-list staff of teachers and choreographers. Our Dallas Press Crew rep’s name was Katie Bourgeois, 12 years old from Fannett, Texas. This was her very first PULSE convention! Here’s more of what she had to say about her experience.


DL: What is your favorite dance style?

KB: Contemporary!


DL: Who are you looking forward to seeing/taking class from this year?

KB: Megan Lawson – she has such a happy and fun spirit! Her classes are always the best.




DL: What was the most memorable moment of the PULSE this year?

KB: Being able to do “Start to Stage” was awesome! Also getting to perform on the PULSE stage at the Faculty Show!


DL: Anything else you would like to add about your experience?

KB: The PULSE is an amazing convention, they have a great faculty! I would go to it once a month if I could.