Photo Credit: Presley Jude
Photo Credit: Presley Jude

This New Years I have come up with a ballet New Years resolution list, ensuring that I will strive through 2015. I will always have things to add to my list, but so far, I have come up with a good start.

  • I will not be too hard on myself. Like most dancers, I can be pretty tough on myself, which ends up making my dancing and performance quality retract. I think that being humble and self critical is a very good thing in a small quantity, to keep myself striving for more, but I want to make sure that this year I stay positive and energized.
  • Do more foot exercises. I sprained my ankle this year, so I am definitely going to make sure I keep up with my foot exercises. Some tools I have gathered are the wobble board and Bosu for ankle stability, which have already made a big difference in my strength.
  • Come to class earlier. This year I would like to come to the studios earlier, so I make sure I have enough time to stretch and do exercises before plies begin. Sometimes I feel like my body is not ready to move that early in the morning, which is my own fault! I will make sure to come earlier, so I can set myself up properly for the day.
  • Work on my own after class. This is something that I do on occasion when I feel that I want to try something extra on my own. I think that it is very important to work on my own and practice things that I struggle with. After class is always the best time because I am most warm and able to work.
  •  No complaining! This will be my biggest resolution this year. I find that I complain about small things here and there, like my people (dancers especially.) I wouldn’t necessarily call myself a big complainer, but I would like to try and eliminate it from my vocabulary all together. I find that it has a negative demeanor and is unnecessary. I just have to remind myself that I am incredibly luckily to get to do what I love everyday and that I get to live my dream! Most people aren’t fortunate enough to say the same, so I will certainly not complain this year.