My Favorite Summer Treats


DLMimi_snack_MAINSummer is a magical time to lay back, rest, eat well, travel and enjoy time with your friends and family. I like doing cross training to stay in shape, but I also like to treat myself for surviving the year. Some of my favorite treats include frozen yogurt, peanut butter toast, and fruit salad like the rainbow.

Froyo is a guilt-free way to have something cool and sweet. My favorite flavors are tart, pomegranate, and chocolate. I usually like to stick with classic toppings such a strawberries, slivered almonds, and toasted coconuts. If I’m craving something extra sweet, I’ll add chocolate chips as well.

Peanut butter toast is an all year snack of mine, but with extra time in the summer, I like to spice it up. I’ve been really into gluten-free bread, which does not have gluten, the plant protein of wheat. I find that its easier to digest and tastes just the same! I have been having the cinnamon raison version, which I like to spread chia seed peanut butter over. If I want to have this snack for breakfast, I like to slice some banana over top.

Fruit salad is something I like to enjoy all year, but the summer is the perfect time to have it because so many fruits are in season. Its not a secret that watermelon is my all time favorite, but other fruits I enjoy are pineapple, all berries, and peaches. There’s nothing like enjoying a big fruit salad while soaking up the summer sun!

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