Our Run de Jambe Raffle Grand Prize Winner Dishes on Her Mini Photoshoot Experience!


WA_RDJRaffleWinner_MAINThe Run De Jambe is a 5K Race that is put on by Discount Dance Supply, this year in Long Beach, CA. I decided to go because it sounded like so much fun, and it was! I loved running around the beautiful Long Beach Lagoon. Before the race we got to do a fun warm up to get our muscles ready. They gave us goodie bags and a really cool tshirt – bonus!

During the race I noticed that the DDS staff members were super organized and nice. Along the run path I stopped and took fun pictures and posted them on Instagram and tagged them with the special “#” they provided us. This entered me into the raffle contest, and the grand prize was a mini photo shoot with David Hofmann otherwise known as “Sharkcookie”, the famous dance photographer! Later that day after the run and my ballet class I checked my “Insta” and saw the notification that I won! I was so excited that I wasn’t sure what to do next.

Lucky for me, next was the best part! DDS sent me a variety of outfits to wear on my photo shoot. I had my hair and makeup done and I went to David’s studio in LA for a fun filled day of pictures. I was really nervous to meet him, but he was so funny and welcoming, he made me very comfortable. The posing was super exciting and I loved how he had numerous ideas for me to try and he let me try a few of my own. I started with my hair down with a few outfits, and then put my hair in a bun for more looks. It was super cool when he called me over to view the poses on his camera to see “what I thought”.  I thought they were so pretty, but that was nothing compared to when I saw them all on the link he sent me. Wow! The photos are so beautiful. It’s so fun to see them posted on Instagram. I had two great days, running the Run de Jambe with Discount Dance, and my “mini photo shoot” day with “the”, David Hofmann! Thank you everyone!



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