Painting Pottery is the Perfect Pass Time with Friends!


DLMimi_pottery_MAINDancing can be really taxing on the mind, as well as body, so I like doing various activities outside of the ballet realm. I enjoy swimming, reading, painting, and hiking, but one of my absolute favorite activities to do with friends is painting pottery.

Painting pottery is a fun way to make memories with friends that you can keep in a physical way. I have numerous pieces around my apartment that my friends or I have created. It’s also a great way to make a personal and creative gift.

My best works are usually mugs, because I can use that whole surface to create anything I want. Figurines are fun to paint too, but the basic shapes are usually my favorite. I am always experimenting with techniques and colors because it makes for a better surprise after the pieces are glazed and fired.

If you have free time, I suggest you take your friends or family, or even if you want to go alone, to paint something!

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