Pointe Hurts…I Want to Quit!


DI_pointeouch_MAINBy Laura Di Orio of Dance Informa.

Dance students new to pointe are always excited. They’ve been watching their favorite ballerinas since they were little, or they watched enviously in past years as their older peers got permission to get their pointe shoes. But now it’s their turn. They get fitted for their shoes, sew on their ribbons and elastics, maybe buy a special bag just for them, and then take the shiny satin shoes to class for the very first time.

And then…OUCH!

Maybe being en pointe doesn’t feel as dainty and pretty as one would have thought. Perhaps it feels, instead, uncomfortable. This sensation is common for dancers new to pointe, but it’s not something by which to get discouraged. Dancers don’t have to give up after one lesson, or even several. Dancers can get used to this new feeling of being on their toes, they can get stronger just by being up there, and they can learn some tips to make the transition easier and less painful.

Here, Dance Informa speaks with teachers from some of New York’s leading dance schools, as they offer advice and encouragement to those dancers feeling a bit weary of their new shoes.

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