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Feeling stressed these days? I get it… we’re busy individuals with endless to-do lists shuffling through our minds. Between a hectic schedule and a digital landscape flooded with information, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. Top that with extra rehearsals for your upcoming performances and you’re bound to feel the pressure.

Did you know that stress and anxiety pose negative health implications on both our body and our mind? That said, today I want to talk less about the negative effects of stress and more about the useful tools that can help you cope with everyday stressors.

You’ve come a long way to develop your technique; this progress shouldn’t go unnoticed. Let’s not focus on what’s not yet done. Rather, reassess your current goals and prevent stress from dictating your ability to move forward.

Here are my favorite simple ways to add a bit more relaxation back into your daily routine.

  • Do Nothing, Literally

We live in an over-driven society. Couple that with a Type A personality, and it’s sometimes hard to actually do nothing. Often times, I emphasize the importance of a rest day (or two!) in our routine. These are critical to not only enable your body’s recovery, but also your mind! If this is difficult, consider “time blocking.” Schedule out an hour of your day when you can lay on the couch and catch up on your favorite Netflix series or book. You can also try recipe creation, journaling, or simply taking a bath.

  • Social Media Detox

This is one of my favorites because it often goes unnoticed especially if social media plays a huge part in your job. As an online dietitian, my media interactions are mostly when I’m working. Therefore, it’s critical for me to make a conscious effort to go offline. Even if not working, social media can place major mental pressures on our lives! It may be critical for you to detox your following. Consider the accounts you follow- do they inspire you or stress you? Is that inspiration stemming from a healthy place? Some of my favorite accounts include: @veggiesandchocolate, @biscuitballerina, and @drjoshuawolrich.

  • Practice Self Care and being Mindfully Present

Another favorite in my book! Whether it’s giving yourself a spa day or a coffee break, think about the 3 R’s: Refresh, renew, and reconnect. It’s easy for us to lose sight of our personal likes and dislikes… especially when it comes to our food choices! When we tune into our feelings and cravings, we can better satisfy our desires without risking a future of damaging restrictions.


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