WA_summermusthaves_MAINHopefully by now you have auditioned for, and gotten into, your dream summer intensive program. We reached out to some of our wonderful models and professional dancers asking what they couldn’t survive summer intensives without. Here’s what they had to say!

Rachel Di Stasio, Studio Company, American Ballet Theatre:

My favorite thing I couldn’t live with out while at summer intensives are my warm-ups.

Dusty Button, Principal, Boston Ballet:

The one thing I couldn’t live without at summer intensives would be my phone because I wouldn’t be able to talk to my husband.

Miko Fogarty, featured in First Position, Indiana Ballet Conservatory:

One thing I can’t live without at summer intensives is a good water bottle. It keeps me so much more hydrated if I have a water bottle I like drinking from!

Margaret Mullin, Soloist, Pacific Northwest Ballet:

The one thing I couldn’t live without at summer programs was a camera. I’ve always loved taking pictures and I think it’s so important to remember this time of your life as a dancer. You only do summer courses for a few years and you’ll want to remember them all. I met one of my best friends at the PNB summer course in partnering class in 2004. He now dances with NYCB, his dream company and I dance for mine. It’s so fun to look back at pictures of the young hopeful dancers we were and see how far we’ve come.┬áNow everyone has a camera on their phone, but for times like this I’m always partial to the real thing.