It’s no small task taking back-to-back class or being in rehearsal all day. Dancers experience sore muscles, bruises, tears, floor burn, knotted back, cramps… you name it, we experience it! Clearly these aches and pains aren’t stopping anyone, but it is the smart dancer who arms herself with some tools for relief! Whether it’s a massage roller for small muscles, foam roller for large muscles, compression brace, or an old tennis ball, there are ways to give your aches and pains some relieve. These are a few of our favorites that you should probably stock up on before your 12 hour days at summer intensive begin!


Foot and Body Massager

We love the Foot Rubz brand, and we just added a couple new version of the classical ball-shaped Foot Rubz! These new shapes conform to you legs and back, as well as your feet. Use them to rub out calfs after an intense ballet barre, or your back after a long night of rehearsal. The green ball feels wonderful on sore arches!


Heat/Cool Pack

When in doubt – ice! If you feel like you may have injured a muscle, do not heat it before you see your doctor or physical therapist. Depending on the injury, heat could increase swelling and make it feel worse. Ice, on the other hand, will reduce swelling, and you’re not going to make it worse by icing. This particular pack can be either heated, or applied cold – depending what you need it for. It’s always a good idea to cover the area you’re treating with some kind of cloth or fabric as well.


Compression Socks

These are a new trend that are popping up in studios and professional dance companies all over the country. The longer ones that cover the calf are being used as a substitute for leg warmers. The compression can help to ease pain from planter fasciitis, increase circulation, and aid in muscle recovery. The material is also thin and comfortable, and acts as a wic to lift moisture from the skin. It’s like a comfy little leg hug you can wear all day!

While you might not need to use these items every day, having on them on hand is never a bad idea. They are compact in size and can fit in anyone’s dance bag, so for a bargain price you can have your own private therapy kit right there with you in the studio.

(Please note: Discount Dance is not a physician, and use of all of these products should be approved by a medical professional before use.)