Hi Dancers! Today I’m going to be giving you some tips for making your pointe shoes last longer. I recently did a video about this topic that is on our Discount Dance Supply YouTube page, so check that out too.

              As we all know, pointe shoes aren’t cheap. Figuring out ways to make them last even a few hours longer can save a ton of money in the long run.

              Tip One: Buy multiple pairs of pointe shoes at a time. This may seem like the opposite of saving money, but if you have a rotation of pointe shoes you’re wearing, it extends the life of each pair. Most pointe shoes are made of natural materials that are layered with paste, so they break down with use and with sweat. If you can give your pointe shoes time to thoroughly dry out between uses, that will give them more longevity.

Tips to make your pointe shoes last longer (3)

              Tip Two: Air out your pointe shoes. Throwing them in your dark dance bag after you wear them is going to expedite the break down process. Instead, put them in a mesh bag and tie them on the outside of your dance bag.

              Tip Three: Use something in your shoe that reduces sweat residue when you aren’t wearing them. DDS carries some cedar satchels by Pillows for Pointes that are ideal for absorbing moisture and odor. Green Ballerina also makes a great Pointe Powder that you can dust in your shoes after dancing that dries and deodorizes. Keeping your pointe shoes from being damp and smelly is the goal. 

              Tip Four: Add Jet Glue to your shoes before you wear them. Many dancers start using Jet Glue on their shoes when they are already dying. However, it’s a good idea to harden your shoes before you even wear them. If you notice that your box is typically the first part to get soft, Jet Glue new pointe shoes on the inside and outside of the box. If your shank goes first, do the same on the shank of new shoes. This sets up your shoes to last longer than they would if you added glue when they were already soft.

              I hope these tips have been helpful. Happy dancing!

Tips to make your pointe shoes last longer (2)