Video Audition Do’s and Don’ts


DI_dancevideo_MAINBy Laura Di Orio of Dance Informa

  • Don’t digitally alter or enhance how you look. “Even if you get the contract, [the director] will notice the deception at first sight and lose confidence in you right away,” Lara says. Plus, the dance world is small, and you don’t want to ruin any further opportunities with a bad reputation.
  • Do show your diversity in your movement. Try to include examples of your dancing in classical, contemporary and modern genres. “I have found that showing a variety of styles and clips that include strong acting along with the dancing make for a more interesting product,” Kerolis shares. “You need to have some flash, but then you need to have the depth in technique and character to back it up.”
  • Don’t make your video audition too long. Don’t include a whole ballet or parts of a work in which you’re not present. Cecere suggests a length of three to five minutes. Kerolis adds that if you can’t cut down your footage, put your strongest work first. That way, in case the director is short on time, he/she won’t miss the best part. If an audition ad or website states a specific time for your video, abide by that.
  • Do follow any guidelines the director or choreographer sets out for you. Select dance excerpts that are appropriate for that company. “If a company asks for something specific, follow instructions or they may not look at it,” Kerolis says.
  • Do include important text on your video. “Open your dance reel with your name,” Cecere says. “Include a list of the performances – titles, company, choreographer and music – and, if you’re an amateur, your age. At the end, make sure to put your contact information and web address if you have one.”
  • Don’t include a poor quality video excerpt.
  • Do seek assistance from a professional videographer, or someone who has experience with editing, so you can create a well-done marketing tool.

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