This past summer during one of my business seminars on customer satisfaction we had an open discussion about how do the studio owners in my class go about receiving feedback from their customers. Many of the teachers there expressed their concerns about soliciting feedback because they were concerned it would open a can of worms. Or even worse they would hear something horrible about their business.

That got me thinking!

Why is it that some studio owners are afraid of what their parents may say or think? We do so much for their kids. Not only teaching them to dance but we give them life lesson skills they won’t get anywhere else. Especially at home.

I know one studio owner who is part of our VIP consulting program who has told me in the past that the parents at her studio are harsh, abrasive, and in general are not very friendly.

I told her what I am going to tell you. Get new customers… for real!

Yes, your customers are paying you. Yes, you appreciate that and they deserve a good customer experience, wonderful classes and excellent value for their patronage. What they don’t deserve is the right to bully, abuse, and misuse you or your staff. Having an open door policy with your customers is a BIG key to your growth as a studio. However, boundaries need to be set and adhered to. In other words, you are not available 24/7 for their complaints. Set times when you will return calls and have appoints for a sit down. And make sure you and your staff adhere to those times, no exception!

Your studio environment is set by you!

If you don’t like where your studio atmosphere is heading you are in control. Now is the time to take the reins and lead! Although we all would like to have everyone in our communities with children come to our studios, the reality is some people are just not the right fit. If you find that you have a few bad apples it may be time to show them the door.

If I have any regrets over the past 28 years of owning our studio it is that we keep holding on to bad customers, bad staff and bad faculty for too long. You know when something is not right. When you are dealing with a problem person you need to face it, try to fix it and then if it is lost cause then do everyone a favor, especially you, and gracefully tell them it is time to move on.

Try this!

To find out what your customers think about, do a survey. There are great online tools like survey monkey that allow you to do a survey digitally. You can send out an email encouraging your customers to help you be the best studio in town by giving you some honest and if they prefer anonymous feedback.

I know the anonymous part is not fun but it is a way to see behind what some are thinking, even the ones who don’t like what you are doing. We always have an incentive that if they put their name under their input and let us use some of their praise in testimonials they will be added to a list that one person will win a free class for the year!

The good news is that you will also discover what they really love about you and your business. When we do this there are always a few eye openers that we may have over looked. You will also find out what your best costumers like and you can find ways to use that in your marketing material.

Get your front desk staff on listening mode!

Whether you have one person or several people who handle the front desk they always need to be in listening mode. Sometimes customers just want to vent. That’s is ok, tell your staff to let them get it out. Some complaints are valid. If notes are taken you can deal with it at the appropriate time.

Also if someone is raving about your studio or your faculty member have an index card file behind the desk and the person working the desk can ask the customer if they would be willing to give you a testimonial.

Also during your recital, you may even consider doing a few video testimonials with your best customers. Since you most likely will have someone videoing your show they could do a few right after the show. Just have a question that you give them before to answer. Something like: What do you love most about this dance school? Or why did you choose this dance school over the other in the area? Or what makes this dance school the right choice for you? Raving customers are the best advertising you can create. You can say your studio is this and that, but it is so much better when someone else, like your customers share how they feel.

Finding out what your customers think about you does not have to be scary. Yes, there may be some unpleasant things that are said about your business or about you but try not to take them too personally, even if they are personal attacks. Most people who do that are just unhappy people and just taking it out on anyone who comes in their way. The more you know about your customers the better you can serve them!