By Christina Ricucciballerina_sitting_smiling

It can definitely be a challenge to manage your mental, physical and emotional stability as you head into the busy season of competition and auditions. I know I get nervous sometimes! Here are some tips to help cope with the rigor of preparing for the new dance season:

Tip #1, get lots of sleep! It is so important as dancers/athletes that we take care of our bodies and make sure we are being safe and getting lots of rest as we head into long rehearsal hours/auditions.

Tip #2, don’t psych yourself out. Sure there is plenty we can be nervous about, but in the end, we can only do our best and in order to do our best, we must keep ourselves calm and confident!

Finally, Tip #3, always be prepared. Whether that’s by doing tons of research or practicing a lot on your own. It’s always good to feel more than ready for whatever comes your way!