As I write this, I sit in a beautiful water-front cafe in France, MollyPart3_2after a day full of performing, shopping and eating the best food that I’ve ever tasted. Hopefully, that’s enough of an indication of what a dream job this has been! In the past month, I’ve visited twelve countries and twenty-three cities. I’m falling madly in love with the world and all it has to offer. I can now say I’ve danced in the streets of Venice, sung in a cafe in France and even salsa danced in Barcelona. Every city I’ve seen so far has been incredible, but Venice has been my favorite. I wandered through streets outside of the crowded city. It was so quiet and peaceful. I was able to just take in all the beautiful architecture and rich history that fills the city. My dance partner and I even danced through the streets, not caring who was watching us. Sometimes the best thing to do is to shut off your phone, and just let yourself get lost. I wandered the streets for hours before stopping at a hole in the wall pizzeria. It really was the perfect day.

MollyPart3_1Because of the diverse style requirements, I’ve been able to see what other styles of dance I enjoy. Another thing I would recommend to any other dancers: learn as many new styles as you can! You never know what a future job may require, and it’s great to be prepared. I walked into my audition for the cruise ship with no ballroom experience, and I was lucky enough that my jazz portion of the audition was strong enough to make up for my lack of ballroom skills. Now I see how important having training in styles apart from jazz, lyrical and ballet can be. Singing and acting skills are also a huge asset for dancers; much more than I had previously realized. I wouldn’t have thought that I would love ballroom as much as I do, and because of this job, I’ve found that I really love tango and cha cha!

This journey has been so eye-opening and inspiring already, and I’m not even two months into my seven month contract. Although I was absolutely terrified to take this job, I am so happy I did. I would recommend working on a cruise ship to any dancer who wants to be independent, who wants to be pushed further than he/she thought possible, and who wants to see the world. Although it’s tough and very demanding, the rewards from this job are priceless. I can’t wait to continue sharing my travels with you as I head into the Baltic Sea. Next up: the Viking Sea’s christening in London!

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