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Our new Facebook feature promotes connection in the dance community.

Gather around the lunch room here at DDS and you’ll inevitably hear a heated discussion over our favorite SYTYCD contestants, gossip over the latest episode of Dance Moms or a super fan gushing about meeting their dance idol at the latest photo shoot.

It’s a lot of fun to be involved with famous ballerinas and dance celebrities, but what we love the most about our jobs is the dancers we interact with most on a daily basis. They remind us of ourselves: the beginners, the hobbyists and the young dancers with dreams of greatness.

That’s why we were inspired to use Facebook to take the spotlight and shine it on YOU for a change! It’s not a contest or a competition; it’s a way to be connected and show support for one another. Here’s a breakdown of how our ‘Spotlight on YOU!” feature works:

  • Dance groups of all levels and ages can apply online to be featured.
  • We pick a different group of dancers each month from around the country (and maybe someday the world).
  • We have no restrictions on level of dance or dance styles. We love everyone from the largest competitive jazz studio, to the non-profit ballet conservatory, to mommy & me dance classes and social dance clubs.
  • All month long we post pictures, videos and social media links to help these relatively unknown groups gain some exposure.

We hope that this project inspires dancers to connect with one another and develop a curiosity for dance styles different from their own. That’s why we always say goodbye to the featured Spotlight group with a request to send the group off with well-wishes, advice for the future and lots of love because “If you want to lift yourself up, lift up someone else.” (Booker T. Washington)

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