Behind the Lens: Meet David Hofmann


DavidHofmann_10-03-13_MAINDiscount Dance Supply is known for working with world renowned dancers and amazing dance photographers.

The results are the stunning photos that grace our catalog cover and website as well as web and print ads. David Hofmann is the newest dance photographer to join this collaborative effort. He has shot beautiful ballerinas such as Kimberly Braylock, with the San Francisco Ballet and New York City Ballet Soloist, Lauren Lovette. He also has worked extensively with fan-favorite DDS model Christina Ricucci.

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We caught up with David to get to know him a little better.

DL: How did you get involved photographing dancers?

David: I photographed a lot of different subjects over the years. When my daughter was 5 we put her in dance classes and of course I took photos of her. All the other parents loved the photos and kept asking me about taking photos for them. After 2 years my daughter decided dance wasn’t her favorite thing and stopped. But for me it started to become bigger and bigger.

DL: Who has been the most inspiring dancer you’ve worked with?

David: A good part of my inspiration comes from the amazing talent and beauty dancers are blessed with. The better they are, the more I feel inspired and motivated to capture their talent and show it in a photo. Christina Ricucci was probably one of the first that pushed me to step up my game and working with her always pushes me to give my absolute best.

DL: Do you have a “dream “client you would love to photograph? If so, who?

David: I have had a few dancers on my bucket list that I hoped I would be able to work with and then they came to book a session, which made me super excited. So I’m always updating my list. But I also had a few clients that I never heard of before and I was just blown away by their talent. Tate McRae from Canada was one of those surprise clients. She just won best dancer at the Dance Awards. I love to discover and promote new talent.

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We also asked David Hofmann to spill his most most surprising secrets! Here’s his top 3:

I love ice cream and no matter how full I am, I will always have and extra stomach for it.

At each photo shoot I forget to take off the lens cap at least once and make a fool of myself looking through the camera.

I have worked as an artist for Dreamworks Animation for 10 years and contributed to many #1 box office movies including Kund Fu Panda & Madagascar.

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