Shannon Marie Rugani – Dealing with Injuries

ShannonInjuries_12-04-13_MAINOver the years I have had my fair share of injuries and have learned a few tricks to manage them and get back to dancing quickly and even stronger than before. Here are a few tips:

Ice the injury to reduce excess inflammation. Swelling is a key element that helps the body heal, but too much swelling will prolong the injury. Heat is great for muscle spasms and sore or tight muscles. You can alternate between ice and heat to open and close blood capillaries, increase circulation, and decrease swelling.

Assess the injury and get opinions from doctors. Find out what the best source of treatment is for your injury. It might be chiropractic, acupuncture, physical therapy, R.I.C.E., (Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation) or a combination of all of the above. Do your own research and learn as much as you can from the injury.

Make realistic goals for your recovery. Have a clear idea of your goals and timeline, and then make a plan of action. This will help focus your energy on staying positive and will help you to regain optimum health. The common issue with dancers is thinking short term and starting dancing too soon. This leaves lingering issues that eventually turn into chronic pain. By taking the proper time to fully recover, you can come back a stronger dancer than before your injury and be completely pain free.

There is never a good time to be injured, but if you learn as much as you can about the injury, you will expand your knowledge about your body and will grow into a smarter, wiser, and stronger dancer.

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