This last month has been my “farewell cruise” around the Baltic. I visited many of the same cities I had traveled to in the past. This was especially exciting because I was able to experience different parts of each city.

I was so excited to go back to my favorite city, Geiranger, Norway. The last time I was there, I hiked with one of my cast mates to an incredible waterfall on a trail that led us behind the stunning falls. This time, I decided to rent a very tiny electric car and drive up to the peak of the glacier. Being from Southern California, snow is a very rare view for me. Not only did I get to walk through the snow, but I also got to see Norway’s largest lake. Despite it being summertime and the warmest month of the year in Norway, it was completely frozen over. I continued my drive and reached the peak of the glacier and was overwhelmed with the beauty of the views of Geiranger. The lush green trees and meadows below the stark contrast of the pure white snow of glacier side made for a beautiful picture. It was another amazing day full of adventure and memories that I’ll always remember. Geiranger is still my favorite city…so far at least.

From there I headed off to Alborg, Denmark, the self proclaimed, “Happiest City in the world.” I was apprehensive at first, as Alborg is a relatively small town, with not much going on or any large tourist attractions. From the moment you walk off the ship, you’re greeted with warm smiles, happy people, and of course a free Danish hot dog! After exploring this happy storybook town, I stopped and had lunch at a “Friends” themed cafe. Being a huge “Friends” fan, I was in heaven. Now, having been there three times, I can attest that it is the happiest city in the world. Well, at least the happiest city I’ve ever visited.

Then I went from the “happiest city in the world” to a city with a very tumultuous history, Berlin, Germany. I took the three hour train ride through the German landscape and arrived in the city. From there I took a bus to the famous Berlin Wall. I was in awe that I was finally seeing something so significant in history. Something I had learned so much about in school was right before my eyes. I was surprised to see the beautiful and positive paintings and messages covering the wall. Then I walked to Checkpoint Charlie, another huge piece of both German and American history. I wondered around the city for an hour and found Kaiser William’s Memorial Church. The walls of the church were made entirely of blue and purple stained glass.To finish up my day in Berlin, I had a traditional German lunch, while traveling through the canals of the city on a boat. I learned so much more about Germany’s past in that day.

I finished my time in the Baltic with a fun day spent at Tivoli Gardens in Stockholm, Sweden. Tivoli Gardens is Sweden’s equivalent of Six Flags and Disneyland. I had so much fun riding the different roller-coasters and playing different games with my cast.

I now begin my descendant back down to the Mediterranean, just in time for the last two months of my contract. On our voyager to the Mediterranean, we make one last stop in France. The Arctic and Baltic were incredible, but I’m definitely ready for some warm weather and beautiful, white sand beaches. I can’t wait to continue to share the last few months of my travels on the road with you. Stay tuned!


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